Unprofessional repairs

The unprofessionally performed repair of heating cables results, unnecessarily, in significantly higher damage.

Sometimes, a heating cable is damaged unintentionally before it is covered with screed or a sealant. Such a thing can just happen during construction work, and if the defect is detected in time, an experienced electrician can repair the damaged area with a repair KIT. The price of the kit is less than 300 CZK including VAT, so the cost of the repair will not exceed 1000 CZK. A well-performed repair means there will be no negative effect on the quality or service life of the heating cable.

Unfortunately, we sometimes find that the person who damaged the cable tried to repair it themselves unprofessionally. They probably do this out of concern about possible sanctions, but in the end it results in a lot more damage. When the heating cable has been covered with screed and the floor covering has been laid, it is no longer possible to determine where exactly the cable is damaged without special equipment. In order to find the fault, our service staff need to be called, and the original repair job for a few hundred CZK turns into a repair for sometimes more than 10,000 CZK. On top of that, an unprofessional repair attempt provides clear evidence that the person in question was aware of the damage.

The cut in the heating cable was repaired with a breakable terminal block and insulated with black electrical insulating PVC tape. As the several layers of adhesive tape show, the person in question certainly didn´t want to underestimate the repair….
In this case, the person in charge considered the damage to the cable to be a trivial issue which one doesn´t need to worry about. Ordinary adhesive tape was enough for the repair…
The yellow-green electrical insulation tape is clear evidence of the expertise of the worker concerned. It is a known fact that it isn´t possible to use tape of any colour to repair an electrical wire…