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Prakticky celá spojka je vtažena do obvodové stěny, kde není zajištěn spolehlivý odvod tepla. Druhou chybou je ohyb topného kabelu hned za spojkou – zahřívání a odlišná roztažnost materiálů v místě ohybu vytváří cyklické mechanické namáhání spoje, které může vést až k jeho přerušení
Velmi častou chybou je poškození nebo nesprávné uložení spojky topného kabelu.
Programmable touch-screen thermostat FENIX TFT
A programmable touch-screen thermostat suitable for electric radiant floor and ceiling heating. Features a large number of properties accessible via the simple interface of its touch-screen display – an easy and clear way of setting the required functions for the optimization of heating comfort and minimizing operating costs.
Thermostat TFT-2
Colour touch screen (optional background colour); the outer white cover is composed of two exchangeable parts (frame/cover) which enable the colour of the thermostat to be changed.
Since the beginning of 2016, we have improved the structure of one of our bestselling PSV heating cables.
halogen free
FENIX is introducing halogen-free power supply leads (under the Halogen FREE logo) for its heating mats and heating cables designed for floor heating.
Heating cable for semi-storage heating
Heating cables in a layer of thermally conductive material (anhydrite, concrete…). They are easy to install, even in surfaces with a complicated shape. They are particularly suitable for use as main heating systems.
Heating mats for semi-storage heating
Heating mats in a layer of thermally conductive material (anhydrite, concrete…). They are typically easy and fast to install, and they are particularly suitable for use as main heating systems.
AL MAT heating mats
They are intended to be used under laminate and wooden floating floors installed in what are classified as humid areas – e.g. in bathrooms. They are a variant of ECOFILM heating foils for applications where ECOFILM cannot be used.
Sectional view of floating floor with underlay HEAT-PAK
The HEAT-PAK mat is intended to be used in combination with ECOFILM heating foil for installation under a carpet or PVC – usually in places where it isn´t possible to place the heating cable into screed (e.g. installation onto an already-completed floor, or as part of reconstruction work).
Eberle RTR-E 6124
Analogue thermostat for rooms with the option of temperature attenuation control.


Buildings as active elements of the energy system

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