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The Fenix trading group was founded after the Velvet Revolution in 1990 as one of the first private companies in the Czech Republic.

The founding member was the manufacturing company FENIX s.r.o., and the first products made by the company were the best-selling ECOSUN electric radiant heating panels. With the growth in market demand for these products more followed – ECOFLEX electric convectors, ECOFLOOR heating cables and mats and ECOFILM heating foils, including heating system regulation and a wide range of accessory products.

Dynamic growth required the widening of the company’s structure and in order to maintain maximum flexibility the form of a holding company was chosen, with individual and independent members. Today, the holding company is composed of eleven trading companies and is one of the largest European manufacturers of surface electric heating systems – exporting its products to more than 70 countries across 4 continents.

FENIX has been a totally Czech company for the whole of its existence, without any form of foreign involvement, although it now incorporates nine companies with headquarters outside the Czech Republic. From 1997 the FENIX s.r.o. manufacturing company has been the holder of an ISO certificate for quality management systems, which it has successfully renewed over regular three-year cycles. The last recertification audit took place in 09/2021 according to the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 norm, on the basis of which a new certificate was awarded.


FENIX GROUP a.s. (1995) – Administrative company
Company dealing with strategic decision-making regarding the development of the holding company, the administration of property and also economic and financial services for members of the holding company.

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e-mail: fenix@fenixgroup.cz


Šárecká 37, 
16000 Praha 6
Česká republika

FENIX s.r.o. (1990) – Manufacturing company; founder member of the holding company.
A company totally dedicated to manufacturing, specialising primarily in the production of Ecofloor heating cables and mats, Ecosun radiant panels and GR/MR radiant glass and marble panels.
FENIX s.r.o.

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e-mail: obchod@fenixgroup.cz

FENIX s.r.o.

Jaroslava Ježka 1338/18a
Czech republic

FENIX Trading s.r.o. (1993) – Trading company
A company aimed at trading activities – i.e. the selling of products to other trading partners or end customers and not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad.
FENIX Trading s.r.o.

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e-mail: fenix@fenixgroup.cz

FENIX Trading s.r.o. 

Slezská 2
790 01 Jeseník
Czech republic

FENIX SLOVENSKO s.r.o. (1993) – Manufacturing and trading company representing FENIX in Slovakia
The company organises the sale of products in the Slovak Republic and contributes to the manufacturing of Ecofloor heating mats. Thanks to the permanently growing demand their production capacity is gradually being increased.

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e-mail: fenix@fenix.sk



Zvolenská cesta 93
974 05 Banská Bystrica

FLEXEL International Ltd. (2003) – Manufacturing and trading company with its seat in Great Britain
A prominent international manufacturer of Ecofilm foils, involved in the manufacture of heating foils since 1972. After joining the FENIX holding company in 2003 the variety of products they offer was widened by the complete FENIX range.
FLEXEL International Ltd.

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e-mail: info@flexel.co.uk

FLEXEL International Ltd 

Queensway Industrial Estate Glenrothes
Fife KY7 5QF, United Kingdom

demista Ltd. (2008) – Manufacturing and trading company with its seat in Great Britain
demista Ltd. focuses on the production of heating elements for special purposes, such as heating foils for mirror demisting, heating systems for vivariums and terrariums and heating equipment for caravans and mobile homes.
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e-mail: sales@demista.co.uk

demista Ltd.,
c/o FLEXEL International Ltd
Queensway Industrial Estate Glenrothes
Fife KY7 5QF, United Kingdom 
ACSO (2010) - a production and trading company which represents FENIX in France
ACSO was founded in 1986; it produces modular low-temperature radiant heating. Radiant floor and ceiling heating is used for the heating of houses, tertiary and industrial buildings.
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e-mail: acso@acso.fr


11 bis, boulevard carnot - 81270 
Labastide-Rouairoux, France

CEILHIT SL (2010) - a production and trading company which represents FENIX in Spain
Ceilhit is the premier manufacturer of heating cables in Spain and it has been producing them since as long ago as 1975. Its products are used for the heating of residential houses, industrial and agricultural buildings, as well as for protection against snow and ice.

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e-mail: comercial@ceilhit.es


Poligono Industrial Cami Ral,
C/Galileo 38-40
Gava 08850, Spain

ELFLEX Konsulent Team AS (2014) – a company with its headquarters in Norway
This company, founded in 1990, has established itself as the most important heating foil seller in Norway. It has also gradually begun selling other Fenix group products. It became a member of the group in 2014.
ELFLEX Konsulent Team AS

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e-mail: post@elflex.no

ELFLEX Konsulent Team AS

Valhallavegen 10
2060 Gardermoen,

FENIX Deutschland GmbH (2018)
The company, which was founded in 2003 under the name Limmer Heizelemente, became a member of the FENIX GROUP a.s. holding company in 2018. It has a high-capacity warehouse and a sales team that sells the entire range of FENIX brand products across the German market.
FENIX Deutschland GmbH - trading company with headquarters in Germany

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e-mail: info@fenixdeutschland.de

FENIX Deutschland GmbH

Christoph Krautheim Strasse 114-120
95100 Selb

FENIX Polska Sp.zo.o.
The company has been active on the market since 1991. Originally called LUXBUD Sp.zo.o., it was re-named to FENIX Polska Sp.zo.o. in January 2019, when it became a member of the FENIX GROUP holding. Since its foundation it has been involved in the distribution of electric heating systems for the construction industry and other industrial branches. It offers clients all over Poland the best possible business and specialized consulting services, supported by the 20 years of experience of its team of engineers.
The company FENIX Polska Sp.zo.o. with its seat in Poland

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e-mail: biuro@fenix-polska.pl

FENIX Polska Sp.zo.o.

ul. Warszawska 50
05-092 Łomianki

ELMARK d.o.o.
Founded in 1993, the company is the most important seller of electric heating systems in Serbia. It boasts a professional sales and technical team which offers the full range of FENIX products throughout the Serbian market. It became a member of the group in 2021.
ELMARK d.o.o. (2021) – a trading company based in Serbia

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e-mail: office@elmarkdoo.co.rs

ELMARK d.o.o.

Milana Rakića 6
Republic of Serbia

Fenix INVEST s.r.o. (2014)
FENIX INVEST s.r.o. ​​is a member of the holding FENIX, operates in the real estate market and investments.

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e-mail: fenix@fenixgroup.cz


Na Klimentce 2736/7,
Dejvice, 160 00 Praha
Česká republika

AERS s.r.o. (2016) – A Technology Company
A technology company engaged in designing, production and installation of SAS battery-powered peak stations and AES 10-50kWh home modular battery storage.
AERS s.r.o. – A Technology Company

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e-mail: info@aers.cz

AERS s.r.o.

Šárecká 1449/37 
160 00 Praha 6
Česká republika