Self-regulating cables

Heating cables which change their output depending on the surrounding temperature. Unlike resistance cables, they can be shortened to any length. They are intended mainly for the protection of pipes or roof gutters and downpipes against ice and snow.
Self-regulating cables
Self-regulating cables

While resistance heating cables heat evenly along their whole length and any blockage affecting the heat delivery in any of its parts leads to local overheating, the structure of self-regulating cables ensures the automatic regulation of the heating output depending on the local temperature, and this at any point along its length.

The cable is formed by two copper conductors between which there is a semi-conductive heating core. When the ambient temperature rises, the resistance of the heating core increases and its output thus decreases. The opposite is true when the temperature drops - the output of the cable increases. The cables can thus touch and cross one another or pass through environments with different temperatures without there being a danger of overheating or burning. The structure enables the reduction of the cable to any length and the double insulation with a protective screen provides high dielectric strength, protection against humidity and resistance against mechanical damage. These cables are offered in four output strengths – 10, 15, 20 and 30 W/m. They are mainly used for the anti-freeze protection of pipes (10 and 15 W/m), or roofs, eaves troughs and downpipes (20 and 30 W/m).

As it is possible to cut self-regulating cables to any length (only the maximum length is limited depending on the protection), circuits are not produced in a range of types but it is necessary to use accessories for the cables (KIT No.4) which enable the ending of cables (the closing of the electric circuit) and the connection of connecting conductors (known as cold ends). Even though self-regulating heating cables change their output depending on the ambient temperature, they never switch themselves off completely. Therefore, it is necessary to use suitable regulation even with self-regulating cables.

Self-regulating cables are suitable for the protection of pipes against icing, the provision of ice protection to gutters and roofs, the process heating of pipes, etc. (EEx II certification).

Self-regulating cables
Self-regulating cables ELSR-M
Self-regulating cables ELSR-N
Power curve of the ELSR-M cable at the ambient temperature
Power curve of the ELSR-N cable at the ambient temperature

SELF-REG cables

Type Output - 10°C Temperature tolerance Limitation for installation Max. length at the temperature setting Cat. No.
[W/m] [°C] Min. temp. Min. radius [m]
ELSR-M - Frost protection of pipe 10 A 16 A 20 A  
ELSR-M - 10 BO 10 65 -30°C 25 mm 115,5 115,5 115,5 2330310
ELSR-M - 15 BO 15 65 -30°C 25 mm 83 97,5 97,5 2330315
ELSR-N - Frost protection of trays, gutters, roofs, technological heating 16 A 20 A 25 A  
ELSR-N - 20 BO 20 80 -10°C 25 mm 92 115 119 2330320
ELSR-N - 30 BO 30 80 -10°C 25 mm 71 89 105 2330330
KIT Nr. 4 For connection and termination of self-limiting cables 5030124
Cold lead for self-regulating cables
SK 1.5 Limitation: 12 A / 20 m 2000790
SK 2.5 Limitation: 20 A / 20 m 2000795

ECOFLOOR accesories

Type Description Quantity supplied Cat. No.
Gutter clip 100 1 package = 25 pcs 1 package 2350000
Gutter clip 150 1 package = 25 pcs 1 package 2350007
Downpipe cable clip 1 package = 25 pcs 1 package 2350003
Chain 1 package = 10 m 1 package 2350004
Grufast 1 unit = 10 m / 4.5 m2 1 unit 4200013
Cable Fix 1 unit = 10 m 1 unit 4200016
Copper end piece intended as an end piece for a flexible tube ('gooseneck'): outer diameter 11.4 mm / inner diameter 8.5mm – used to prevent sealant (anhydrite, concrete) from entering the gooseneck containing the floor probe and to improve the transfer of heat to the thermistor of the probe = more precise measurement of floor temperatures 1 unit 2350021
Plastic cable clip 1 package = 600 pcs 1 package 1200003
Plastic clip 1 package = 50 pcs 1 package 1200000
Installation tool for the comfortable installation of plastic clips 1 unit 1200010
T-strip 1 package = 20 pcs 1 package 2350009
Kit no. 1 for PV cable repair 1 kit 5030121
Kit no. 2 for ADSV, ASL1P, PSV, CM Mat LD and LDTS cable repair 1 kit 5030122
Kit no. 3 for MADPSP, MAPSV, MST, MDT and ADPSV cable and mat repair 1 kit 5030123
Kit no. 4 for connection and termination of self-limiting cables 1 kit 5030124
Kit no. 5 for MADPSP installed under asphalt 1 kit 5030125
Kit no. 6 termination of PC/PC-S cables 1 kit 5030126
Aluminium tape width 50 mm, length 50 m 1 pcs 2832515
SYFOK-P 1 package = 20 m 1 package 2350012
1 package = 10 m 1 package 2350013
Spacing grip 1 package = 25 pcs 1 package 2350014
C-shaped copper 1 package = 25 pcs 1 package 2350005