Continental (SIEMENS) Frenštát p/R – warehouse heating using Ecosun panels

The manufacturing plant of the Continental corporation in Frenštát pod Radhoštěm (Siemens Automobilové systémy s.r.o. before July 2007) makes electronics and control systems, mainly for automotive industry.However, its products are to be found in other sectors as well, including regular home appliances, such as components in automatic washing machine programming units.

Due to the character of the production that requires clean environment and stable temperature, most premises are heated with hot air from a central plant. The system provides air heating, cooling, regulation of humidity and dust filtering.

Yet FENIX products found their place here as well. An independently standing hall housing material warehouse, chemicals warehouse and archive is located quite far from the other operation buildings. It would be technically challenging and expensive to connect it to the central heating or gas pipeline. This is why radiating panels ECOSUN were chosen for heating.

In the first section of the building with the surface area of 230,32 m², which serves as a material warehouse, there are 19 ECOSUN S 12 1200W high-temperature panels installed – a total of 22,8 kW.

In the second section of the building with the surface area of 65,82 m², there is a chemical materials warehouse. Due to the character of the stored substances we used low-temperature panels ECOSUN 700 IN-2. These are 700 W panels with increased protection (IP65) and in the non-explosive version (Eex II.). A total of 14 panels are installed here (9,8 kW).

The third section of the building with the surface area of 109,20 m² hosts an archive. Sixteen ECOSUN S 12 high-temperature panels (19,2 kW) are installed here.

A total of 51,8 kW is installed in ECOSUN radiating panels on the surface area of 405,34 m², the purchasing price is 170.760,- CZK (vat exclusive). Apart from the good price, the system provides numerous other advantages – simple installation, easy control, maintenance-free operation and, since the panels are located on the ceiling, preservation of full warehouse capacity. Another advantage is that in case of lay-off, the heating system does not require any securing – e.g. against freezing, corrosion, aeration, etc.

Warehouse heating is not the only application where FENIX products are used. Heating cables are used to protect roof drains and skylights against snow. The Beskydy region is an area rich in snow and it must be guaranteed that the water from melting snow flows freely. This is why heating cables are installed in roof valleys and drains.

On flat and mildly slanted roofs there is a danger of snow accumulation around skylights and subsequent leaking, and therefore cables are installed here as well. Practical importance of the heating cables is shown on the pictures below.

Operation costs compared to total power consumption in the production are negligible, and the purchasing costs, compared to possible damage to the roof or the building jacket, are also negligible.


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