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Ice and snow melting – Installation
It is possible to protect any area used for passage with the help of heating cables – pavements, paths, drive-up ramps, staircases etc. Special heating cables are used for these applications – robust structures with stranded resistance and wattages of 20-30 W/m.
Ice and snow melting
We offer special mats for outdoor applications in which the cable isn’t fixed to material, but is connected by fastening strips. After placement in sand the cable is thus better surrounded by backfill.
De-icing gutters and oves troughs
Resistance heating cables with sheathing which is resistant to UV radiation, designed for the protection of gutters, downpipes, roof valleys and roofs against snow and ice.
Cable circuits ADPSV
Mainly ADPSV heating cables are used for the protection of pipes. They are connected to a wiring box and must be combined with an external thermostat. They are more suitable for larger buildings and industrial applications.
Self-regulating cables
Heating cables which change their output depending on the surrounding temperature. Unlike resistance cables, they can be shortened to any length. They are intended mainly for the protection of pipes or roof gutters and downpipes against ice and snow.
Eberle EM-524 89
Regulator (a “snow and ice detector”) for the control of heating of eaves troughs, drainpipes and outdoor areas (pavements, driveways).
Eberle EM-524 90
Two-zone regulator for the heating of eaves troughs, downpipes and outdoor areas.
ESD Humidity sensor
A set of sensors for EM 524 89 and EM 524 90 regulation devices for controlling the heating of gutters and downpipes.
Set of EBERLE ground sensors
A set of sensors for EM 524 89 and EM 524 90 regulation devices for controlling the heating of outdoor surfaces.
Eberle DTR-E 3102
A wall mounted differential thermostat