Ivigo Professional

Premium heater with above-standard equipment. Control unit with weekly program, „Presence Detector“ and „Open Window Detection“ function, light sensor for automatic display fading, fall safety, etc.. Small plastic legs are included in the packaging.
Ivigo Professional
Ivigo Professional

This electrical convector is equipped with a digital programmable thermostat.

As standard, it is produced in six basic versions ranging from 500W up to 2500W, and comes in three different sizes. The body is fabricated from rolled 0.8mm sheet metal, while the frame is a sturdy 1mm in thickness. The colour is white (RAL 9016), including the grille. The X-shaped heating element is made from surface-treated aluminium. Its shape enables perfect heat distribution thanks to the large surface area it provides.

The convector is furnished with an overheating cut-out fuse and an anti-fall fuse. The convector comes with small legs for its free placement on the ground, and also a frame for mounting it on the wall. The convector also has an integrated handle that makes it easier to move around.

This convector is also suitable for those suffering from allergies or asthma. The length of the power lead is 2m, and it falls into the protection class 1 category.


Features of the Ivigo Professional convector:

  • Digital display, full programmability, daily and weekly program – current time setting
  • Anti-fall sensor with an immediate cut-out fuse
  • Movement sensor
  • Energy consumption measurement
  • Open window function
  • Anti-freeze function
  • Display lock function
  • Adaptive start function
  • The convector retains its settings even after the power is switched off for two tariff rates, including time - maximum 24h (tested)
  • The display lighting mutes automatically, which in practice means that at night the display doesn’t act as an unwelcome light source
  • The convector meets the following quality standard: CE, TUV, TS EN ISO 9001:2015


Ivigo Professional
Ivigo Professional
Ivigo Professional
Ivigo Professional
Ivigo Professional

Ivigo Professional

Type Output Dimensions Weight Qty on pallet Cat. No.
[W] [mm] [kg] [pcs]
Ivigo Pro 05 500 500 x 450 x 80 5.3 28 5421020
Ivigo Pro 07 750 500 x 450 x 80 5.3 28 5421021
Ivigo Pro 10 1000 700 x 450 x 80 6.8 20 5421022
Ivigo Pro 15 1500 700 x 450 x 80 7.1 20 5421023
Ivigo Pro 20 2000 900 x 450 x 80 8.8 14 5421024
Ivigo Pro 25 2500 900 x 450 x 80 9.2 14 5421025