A wooden family home in Zelená Hora

A wooden family home, 5 rooms + a kitchenette, built in the village of Zelená Hora near Vyškov, used by a family with two children since the end of 2014. The house is constructed as a bungalow and, apart from the absence of a heat recovery system, meets all the criteria for a passive house.
A wooden family home in Zelená Hora
Electric direct heating with BMR central regulation was chosen for the heating of the whole house
There are ECOFILM heating foils under the floating floor in the living room: the needed output is supplemented by a white GR glass radiant panel
In the children´s room there is an ECOSUN E radiant panel in addition to the ECOFILM floor heating foil
In the bathroom, ECOFLOOR floor heating is supplemented by a towel rail which can be used to dry hand and bath towels
The GR glass radiant panel suitably complements the architectural design of the interior space

Basic information about the building

It is a single-family bungalow-type home, without a cellar, with two children’s rooms, a bedroom, a bathroom, a WC and a large room which functions as a living room, dining room and kitchen simultaneously. The individual parts of the house are connected by an interior corridor. A wooden floating floor has been laid in the rooms, kitchen and bathroom, and there is ceramic floor tiling in the WC and corridor.

  • Built on area 155 m2
  • Usable, heated area 145 m2
  • Main house circuit breaker 3 x 25A
  • House tariff D 45d

Heating and regulation system

Electric direct heating with BMR central regulation was chosen for the heating of the whole house. In selected zones, floor heating was installed – there are ECOFILM® heating foils in the rooms with floating floors and ECOFLOOR® heating cables in the rooms with ceramic floor tiling. As floor heating is primarily about providing the comfort of a warm floor, ECOSUN E radiant heating panels have been installed in the children’s rooms in order to supplement the output and also improve the dynamics of the temperature start-up. GR glass radiant panels are used in the bedroom and large living room. Aside from the advantageous acquisition and operating costs of the selected heating system with central regulation, the users also praise its completely automatic, worry-free operation. In the living room, there is also a fireplace with an output of 6 kW which is used mainly in the transitional period when outside temperatures range between 5-10°C, and also during days off (weekends) in the winter. Warm water is provided by an electric storage water heater.

Acquisition and operating costs

The price of the heating and regulation systems includes absolutely all the components for the heating system, which were supplied at the 04/2016 price level. However, the installation of the heating system was arranged by the user himself, and therefore the cost of installation is only an estimate for the given size.

  • Heating system and regulation 105.938 CZK, including VAT (materials at the 2016 price level)
  • Installation of heating approx. 30.000,- CZK, including VAT

The operating costs themselves include not only heating but also the cost of the heating of warm water, lighting, and the operation of electrical appliances in the household.  The occasional use of the fireplace also has a positive impact, saving about 20% on heating costs. The heating system itself is set to a day temperature of 23°C and a night temperature of 19°C, while the floor temperatures are set to 24-25°C. At the time of the visit to the building (11/2015), the lady inhabiting it was on maternity leave with an 8-month-old daughter and thus not only was the house heated to a comfort temperature of 23° all day but also the washing machine and dryer were in use practically every day. These operating conditions definitely had a significant impact on the total operating costs. 


Period Consumption CZK including VAT
LT (kWh) HT (kWh)
08/2015 - 08/2016 10 784 1 510 34 349,-