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ECOSUN high-temperature radiant panels are intended primarily for the heating of industrial, storage and agricultural structures, although they can be used within any structure with a ceiling height of 3.5 m to 10 m.
Ecosun S+ Anticor trio
These are ECOSUN S+ panels fitted with a special two-layer coating of powdered plastic intended for outdoor environments and with high resistance to corrosion. The panels are intended for environments where there is a danger of corrosion (air with a higher content of humidity, salts, etc.).
Structurally, IRC panels are derived from our time-tested ECOSUN radiant panels, and they have been supplied to foreign companies which produce infrared cabins (Austria, Germany) since 2004. They are also available as part of a set together with temperature regulation equipment for do-it-yourself installation.
Case Study of the Differences between Infrared Heating and Gas Heating in Old Residential Buildings, Using Comparative Measurements. The report is available in Files for download category ECOSUN .

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