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Plně automatické ohýbací centrum
Industry 4.0 is in full swing at Fenix. This year we invested in the automation and robotisation of ECOSUN infrared heating panel production, and we have also started working on the automation of ECOFLOOR heating cable and mat production.
Selected Fenix products were tested by the Electrotechnical Testing Institute in Prague-Trója. The aim was to measure the electromagnetic fields of the products according to the valid technical standards. The results show that all of the measured values are well below acceptable limits.
We are pleased to announce the introduction of a new product: a corrective varnish for the heating lamellas of Ecosun S and S+ high-temperature radiant panels.
This heating panel is a shorter version of the ECOSUN S+ radiant panel, with a length of only 650mm.
ECOSUN K+ radiant panels for the heating of church pews are one of the basic products offered by FENIX Jeseník since the very foundation of the company. This segment of our range has now been extended by a new radiant panel – ECOSUN CH (Church Heater).
Ecosun K+ radiant panels are intended preferably for vertical installation. They are suitable for warming pews in churches, office desks, checkouts, etc.
Some applications do not make it possible to incorporate our radiant panels Ecosun S+ into a raw of fluorescent lamps so as to be in one line and create a harmonic whole in the interior.
More and more often do we find applications of our industrial radiant heating panels Ecosun S+ in offices or cafés as well as in homes.