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MH heating module
A modular radiant heating system based on 5 cm thick mineral wool modules.
Suspension of a CD profile on spring hangers – four-point
We have recently received a complaint about unpleasant sounds emitted by ceiling heating using ECOFILM foil. The search for the cause led to a modification of the ECOFILM C foil mounting rules, which now prescribe the hanging of plasterboard ceilings on spring hangers.
ECOFILM heating foils for underfloor heating
As in other areas of human activity, ever changing trends marking the popularity of various systems can be observed in heating of buildings. New knowledge and technologies may thus bring systems that were considered obsolete until recently to the forefront yet again.
Selected Fenix products were tested by the Electrotechnical Testing Institute in Prague-Trója. The aim was to measure the electromagnetic fields of the products according to the valid technical standards. The results show that all of the measured values are well below acceptable limits.
Question: I found a confirmation from the producer on your web pages that floating floors can be combined with ECOFILM heating foils without a loss of warranty. However, the installation firm doesn't want to...
ECOFILM MHF – Mirror fogging prevention
Heating foil which protects bathroom mirrors from misting. The foils have double lamination (protection against the damp environment) and they are equipped with a self-adhesive surface which is glued to the rear side of the mirror.
ECOFILM C – Ceiling heating film
ECOFILM C ceiling foils are intended for use in plasterboard structures as ceiling-mounted radiant heating.
Underfloor heating film ECOFILM F
ECOFILM heating foils are intended for use as floor heating for dry structures - under floating floors or with the use of supplementary HEAT-PAK underlays under PVC and carpets.
The laying of ECOFILM foils can also be carried out as a do-it-yourself installation, namely with the use of ECOFILM Sets. A set consists of a strip of heating foil (of various lengths), equipped with 5m long connecting leads.
Correctly designed electric floor heating is, undeniably, one of the most luxurious and effective ways of heating.


Buildings as active elements of the energy system

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