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Question: Can Ecoflex convection heaters and Ecosun panels be installed on flammable bases? Answer: Ecoflex – can be installed on a flammable base as the structure of the attachment meets the requirements for installation on flammable bases...
Glass radiant panels GR with simple towel rail
Glass as a material is a highly aesthetic and timeless addition to any interior space, and therefore it is intended not only for the heating of family homes and apartments but also for various formal interiors, halls or modern offices.
The permanently growing interest of our customers in ECOSUN radiant heating panels has led us to expand our range to include a new product – ECOSUN G glass panels with printed surfaces.
In 2008, FENIX extended its range of products to offer glass radiant GR panels – aesthetically unique products which combine pureness of design with the advantages of infra-red radiant heating.
In 2008, FENIX extended its product range to include GR glass heating panels. These are radiant heating panels, made from 12 mm thick tempered safety glass, a heating element, limiting thermostat and supply cable.
Fenix trading s.r.o. is introducing new products to the market: GR glass radiant panels. Glass is a material which is a highly aesthetic and perfectly functional decorative element and may thus be used not only for the heating of detached houses and flats, but also of various reception areas, halls or modern offices.

Buildings as active elements of the energy system

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