Electric hot-air units with fans - dry hands by hot-air current. Wall-mountable; hygienic operation thanks to the contactless switch ZY 203-A Plastic Hand Dryer 1800 W is a standard electric hand dryer with contactless sensor.
Hand Dryers ZY-203

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Hand Dryers ZY-203

The hand dryer case is made of plastic; the heating body has the input of 1800 W. The device is wall-mountable; the supply cord is equipped with a socket plug. To be use in toilets of non-residential buildings (hotels, schools, theatres, cinemas, offices, shopping malls etc.)

Hand Dryers ZY-203


Type Output Switching sensor Air temperature Voltage Dimensions Weight Cat. No.
[W] [cm] [°C] [V] [mm] [kg]
ZY - 203 A (plastic) 1800 14 - 18 50 - 70 ~230 V 50 Hz 240x240x240 2.5 5440010